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The Music 2019

2019 Line-Up

Saturday 5th October, 8pm (approx) - Village Hall

Key Lime Pi


Hampshire’s Hottest Brass Party band!
Heralding from the pits of deepest ‘shire come 9 miscreants, hellbent on spreading their splurging auditory concoctions up, and in, your soiree. Be warned, if you’re in any way party-averse, turn on your heels and flee the scene, for where there is Pi there is Party!

Key Lime Pi You Tube Channel


Saturday 5th October, 7pm - Village Hall

Borders Acoustic Duo


Spanning the Roots, Americana, Blues & Contemporary Folk genres Borders are Faith S White on lead vocals and Callum Granger on guitar and backing vocals. Stomping rhythms, stunning vocals, great harmonies and wonderful guitar work!



Saturday 5th October Afternoon, From 12.30pm - Village Hall

Provisional timings only

12:30pm - Oscar Thompson


Oscar started playing guitar at 5 and wrote his first song at 9. Now 12, Zig Zag Festival will be his first public performance and he’ll be entertaining you with some lively rock & pop covers and a song or two of his own.

1.15pm - Tray of Flans


David Ketchin (guitar, vocals, ukulele), Gabriella Kury (bass, vocals, melodica, percussion) and Jon Fuller (guitar, vocals, mandocello). Covers of songs by folk legends Show of Hands, alongside folk interpretations of pop, rock, easy listening and disco classics!

2pm - The Newtrons


Festival veterans The Newtrons hail from the neighbouring village of Newton Valance and have (I think) performed at every one of the 14 previous Zig Zag Festivals. This will be their 15th year and the Saturday afternoon session wouldn't be the same without them!

2.45pm - Amy Lucas


Performing for her biggest crowd yet - Amy and her guitar will be playing a small set of acoustic covers.

3.15pm - Bridestone


BrideStone are an energetic 4 piece Irish Traditional music based in Hampshire.

4pm - Retraphonics


“Retraphonics” A collection of some of the best (ie. their favourite) songs from the second half of the 20th Century, sung and played acoustically by Donna Hilleson and Pete Garrett.

Pete’s family live in the village and he opened the show last year. He and Donna spent 10 years together in The Ruff ‘n’ Ready Roadshow, an entertaining rock band based in Singapore during the 80’s and 90’s, and have recently reconnected to relive those heady days. Join in and enjoy!

4.45pm - The Magda String Quartet

MadgaStrings copy copy

5.15pm - Ad Astra


Returning to Zig Zag Fest once again, Ad Astra is comprised of three hugely talented Selborne youngsters who bring their own slant to some well known tunes.

Saturday 5th October, 9.30pm - Selborne Arms

The Ganchos


A five piece covers band performing great pop, rock and indie classics ranging from Blondie to The White Stripes to The Killers via The Jam, Blur and Oasis and pretty much everything in-between. Guaranteed to get your party started, keep it going and then end it leaving you with a big grin!


Music Programme

Selborne Arms

Friday 1st

Village Hall

Saturday 2nd


  • 1.30pm-3.30pm : The Newtrons & Tray of Flans
  • 4pm: Retrophonics
  • 5pm: Ad Astra

The Selborne Arms

Saturday 2nd